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(From the magazine Båtliv 1997:1)

CGP - Mr C G Pettersson, known as the man behind the smooth and beautiful lines of the wooden boats with straight and high stirns. Still, this all-around constructror draw every-thing from canoes to big cargovessels.
The breakthrugh for C G Pettersson - and the Swedish motor-pleasureboats - was "the Viking", a 8x1,27 meter boat with a 1-cylinder 2,5 hp engine, drawn by the 28 year old constructor.
But most famous was "Viking X", a 9 meter Pettersson-boat built in 1925.

Mr Gunnar Fritz-Crone, a real expert on CGP, managed to buy the boat many years later, and he did the same journey around Scaninavia as CGP did, 55 years after the the original trip.
If You want to know more about C G Pettersson, I warmly recommend "C G Pettersson – båtkonstruktör och äventyrare" by Gunnar Fritz-Crone, 1981, sadly avaiably only in Swedish.
Today there is a increasing interest in the boats of CGP, not least abroard. A lot of well restored boats have been exported to Holland and Germany.

CGP (1876-1953) was not only a boat-constructor - he was also a great adventurer. The logbook from his journey around Scandinavia tell us about a thrilling trip over dangerous waters - nothing for the weak-hearted!

Both Viking X and Viking XI are restored and in use in Stockholm today.

© 2002 Torbjörn Axner.