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My name is Torbjörn Axner and I live close to lake Mälaren, 70 miles west of Stockholm. I have a great interest in classic wooden boats.
My concept is to do illustrations based on the original constructiondrawings, made by famous Swedish boatcontructors. My ambition is to do almost technical illustration in detail and at the same time a piece of art that catches the beauty of lines and material.
You will find my illustrations in the catalogue – please look around. I am sure you will find something of interest.

You can order any of the illustrations on this site - world-wide. Prices and conditions are found on the order-page. Please e-mail me if You have any questions.

Arken (The Arch); illustration and drawing with notes from the owner. (Ordernumber: cgp 006)

© 2002 Torbjörn Axner.